Intelligent Design - Movement

      [- I originally wrote this whole article back in 2002, but now in 2015 we are in the midst of most of what I stated back then -], These marks [- -] show additions since 2002.

     This is a movement seemingly propelled by Christians and right-wing scholars, to gain Creationists access to public forums and government schools, aka public schools.

     But, is it solely a ‘subversive movement’ to gain the Bible admittance into science classes by right-wing Creationists: as the Evolutionists, ‘religious liberals’ and so-called atheists claim?

     Or… is it an agenda introduced by another group, and is at the present moment being publicly pushed by – as is presumed: right-wing Christian Creationists?

     To those of us who have researched the Evolutionary model and studied its multitude of problems and plurality of contradictions, the Creation model as found in the first 11– chapters of Genesis, is the only way to go!

     The astute Biblical creationist believes the Book of Genesis, is as an eyewitness account of the origin of the Earth and the Universe. This is when all Life on this planet began, in six consecutive revolutions of the Earth.

     It is more than obvious, that when you view this Earth and our Universe objectively and in depth, that there had to have been an intelligence of some-type involved in the whole process. It could not have, "just happened"!

     You know that there has to be a God! For Evolution cannot think, and figure these things out. For then Evolution would also have to be able to figure out how to make them all functional! ...Really !

     DESIGN - Requires a Designer

     While it is true that many of the simple living systems in the world today are capable of being understood, as far as how they are designed and how they operate; this has nothing to do with how they were designed or originated. But then, there are those complex systems that defy comprehension even in this, the 21st Century.

     There demands to be an intelligent designer, who originated them. The complexity of the design of living systems invokes a designer.


     Evolution must be infinitely intelligent; but then, that is a complete contradiction of demands. It is in fact, a self-contradiction on each of these terms; and Evolutionists do emphatically reject intelligence into their theorem, therefore it cannot be possible.

     But for a moment, just contemplate the complexity of your eyes and the dozens of unique and individual systems involved that came together to give us our vision; also the fact that they work together for depth perception. Then your ears and how they hear; also the fact that the bones in your ears never grow from birth, but all your other bones do. What about your brain – and all the processes and functions it performs. And just how did your body figure out how to heal a cut?

     Did Evolution really just stumble and blunder its way into those fantastic feats of design without any intelligence whatsoever. We have not even approached the ability to have emotions for humans and pre-programed instincts for animals, which is completely off the charts! (Hmmm... Evolutionists... rejecting intelligence... problem solved).

     But, Christians who have thought that the Intelligent Design movement is their great weapon to get across the Biblical account of origins, will someday in the near future see this artillery completely stolen away from them.

     You may be wondering to yourself, “How could that happen?".

     Before we tackle the ‘how’ or, the matter of ‘other’ Intelligent Design models, let us first look at whether particles - to - people evolution is science or religion.

     EVOLUTION... is it: Science or Religion?

     Evolutionists claim that the evolutionary hypothesis is a purely scientific and atheistic model, which accounts for the origin of all things. In reality, there is an abundance of religion under-girding the Evolution model.

     First of all, true science is a study of what we know, and for a study to be truly scientific it must be observable, testable, and repeatable / demonstrable.

     Biological Evolutionists assert that non-living matter somehow gave rise to simple living organisms that subsequently figured-out how to reproduce; and then diversified, eventually generating all life-forms.

     According to their belief: all bacteria, plants, animals, and humans have arisen by mere chance, from a single-celled remote ancestor that somehow came into existence.

     Add to this the fact that for each of the complex life-forms, that not one but two exact similar organisms, would have had to have developed at the exact same time, one male and the other female, with the exact same chromosome count, within the exact same area of the earth, being completely compatible with functional brains, and recognized exactly what they needed to do, to keep themselves alive and reproduce themselves.

     So... no human alive today observed the origin of the Universe, nor the origin of life from non-living matter. Therefore: any hypothesis or 'theories' about the origin of these things is inherently a belief, which when strongly held becomes a faith, and that locks it into the realm of religion.

     Thus, Evolution can only be correctly labeled as: a belief system with a strongly held subjective philosophy of origins, which is the religion of many.

     To put it another way, scientists can speculate about the distant past or projected future; but in actuality they can observe only the present. Thereby making any evolutionary opinions, merely ideas derived from assumptions about the past.

     Consider this quote by British biologist and evolutionist, L. Harrison Matthews in the foreword to the 1971 edition of Darwin’s, ‘The Origin of Species :

     The fact of evolution is the backbone of biology, and biology is thus in the peculiar position of being a science founded on an unproven theory – is it then a science or a faith? Belief in the theory of evolution is thus exactly parallel to belief in special creation – both are concepts Most biologists accept evolution as though it were a proven fact, although this conviction rests upon circumstantial evidence, it forms a satisfactory faith on which to base our interpretation of nature”. – page 10-11, published by J. M. Dent and Sons, Ltd. London, 1971.

     We also need to remember that scientists, professors and teachers are also: human beings. And as such, the notion or paradigm (which most people have of themselves) that they can be completely objective, detached and/or impartial: is of course, absurd. The effects of prejudice and preconceived ideas, the influence of strong personal convictions, and the opinions of so-called experts – influence them as much as anyone... especially when their high-paying career is on the line.

     There is not '1' empirical piece of evidence that proves Evolution to be true! Not... a... one.

     At any rate, the “elite - intelligentsia” of the world, want to keep the truth of the subjective religious philosophy of the Evolution model, hidden away back-stage, out of the mainstream view. This way they can maintain that the Evolution model is based on facts (science), and that it is the Creationist model that is based on a belief system (religion).

     Remember, it is a fallacy to believe that facts speak for themselves - they are always interpreted according to a framework!

     Although Creationists have the same facts as Evolutionists, interpreting them according to a Biblical framework results in a more scientifically cogent 'theory'.

     At this point, we must make a statement about: Theistic Evolution. While claiming to believe in God and the Bible, disciples of this unholy alliance, declare that the God of the Bible utilized the evolutionary process to develop His Creation.

     By asserting that evolution is fact, they fall into the same trap as those who assert the Gap Theory as a fact (which is also, an hypothesis).

     Theistic Evolutionists claim ALL evolution to be fact, both Biological Evolution and Geological Evolution; with the Biblical God as the intelligence behind it. Gap Theorists claim only Geological Evolution as fact, sometimes with assorted pagan doctrines thrown in to fill up the eons of time involved – usually pre-Adamic men being one of them.

     Both Theistic Evolutionists and Gap Theorists are forced to depart from, contradict, and compromise numerous Biblical essentials and passages. This blatant disregard for the Scriptures and contempt of the Holy Spirit, causes Bible-believers who truly believe that the Bible is the Divinely inspired Word of God: to have no other recourse than to dismiss and reject both concepts!

     Now at some point in the not too distant future, the (Power Elite) will parade before the world’s mainstream media, manufactured 'facts' (which we will get to in a moment). They will contort them, with their religious models of which we will look at next. This they will do to steal away the Intelligent Design designation away from Born-Again, Bible-believing Creationists.

     OTHER – Intelligent Design models

     Many studious individuals including many scientists, have come to the realization that organic molecular systems are irreducibly complicated. Such as the encyclopedic quantities of very specific and complex information encoded in DNA.

     They also recognize that the Evolution model is seriously straddled with haunting dilemmas and riddled with countless scientific fallacies.

     Therefore finding themselves in this quandary, they discern the impossibility of life having occurred by accident; without the benefit of any intelligence or planning. This causes them to look elsewhere for answers.

     Unfortunately, most of these people have been brainwashed through government schools, liberal churches and the corporate media in its various forms: to discard Biblical Creation aka Special Creation, to the dust bin of antiquated beliefs of a former age.

     The 1st Intelligent Design Model we will look at, which also under-girds the religion of Evolution as we shall soon see - is GAIA.

     GAIA (or GAEA) is the Earth mother or Earth goddess. Ever wonder from where originated the terms: Mother Earth and Mother Nature? It basically began in ancient Greece.

     To the followers of this religious concept, the Earth is the intelligence behind the evolutionary process itself. She at first birthed the most primitive of plant and animal life upon herself. She then took this primitive life through an evolutionary developmental process, to finally create her crowning achievement: mankind – intelligent life.

     In other words, the Earth mother/goddess gave life to non-living matter. Then these single-celled organisms gave rise to multi-celled organisms. So after millions of years she developed invertebrates, then she gave rise to vertebrates. Then, after millions of more years, after which she developed ape-like creatures, she gave rise to humans.

     This sounds exactly like the evolutionary process which is taught in textbooks – does it not ?

     These disciples of GAIA, then see themselves in the ever mystifying process of discovering: how she did it, and what her methods are.

     So eventually, to the non-intelligent humans, she gave rise to the development of intelligence. To the disciples of GAIA, part of the human developmental process began with primitive religions, which they believe were needful in the early and intermediate stages. They consider Biblical Christianity as a form of primitive religion.

     Now, the next step in man’s evolutionary progress (according to them) is the human spiritual development into godhood, leaving the primitive religions behind. They believe that the legends of Atlantis are proof that mankind almost accomplished this, but that they were destroyed, and the process had to re-start.

     Hinduisms Third-Eye, which is represented by the dot they place on their forehead, is a dot which further represents the spiritual 3rd eye of the mind or telepathy; this also comes from these legends. Then you have this same pagan practice adopted in a ritual called Ash Wednesday. This is just more syncretizing of Christianity with other religions.

     The adherents of this intelligent design model believe that from approximately the 19th century onward, humans are to evolve both spiritually and technologically, to the point that they can communicate with the other pods or humans which have developed on other mother/goddess planets throughout the galaxies.

     Doesn’t it bring to mind: Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, etc? What religion or belief system do you think many of the “trekkies” are, who dress-up and go to conventions?

     This has been the short version explanation of the modern day religion of GAIA.

     GAIA is also a leading religion of: the United Nations, the National Organization for Women, NASA and environmentalists such as Greenpeace. But they all hide behind the "non-religion" which goes by the name of Evolution.

     So to those whose religious faith is found in the Earth mother/goddess, the Evolution model makes sense for them.

     On another note: to those who keep track of the Vatican and the Pope (White Pope), it will be noticed that the Catholic Church has embraced publicly the Evolution model very strongly; over the last few decades or so.

     Vatican theology no longer holds to any type of literal view of the Biblical account of Creation in Genesis. Most Catholic theologians prefer a symbolic interpretation that leaves room for scientific hypotheses.

     In fact, many priests of the Vatican have stated that God pointed at a particular monkey and pronounced that, that monkey would evolve into a man.

     Pope John Paul II in 1996 issued a papal letter bolstering support for evolution. He stated that fresh knowledge shows that physical evolution is more than just a hypothesis.

     So then, when you consider that those in the high levels of the GAIA faith have given this Earth mother/goddess the name: Mary... your perspective will begin to focus.

     It was none other than the rounded form of the Great Mother, Earth herself, clad in the same flowing robes of shimmering blue and white that had been those of mother-goddesses of earth and sea and sky throughout man’s history – and not least his most recent mother-goddess, the Virgin Mary herself... " - page 245 from the book, ‘The Armageddon Script by Illuminist author Peter Lemesurier.

     You can also connect together what we have stated so far, with those apparitions of the Virgin Mary that are being seen occasionally around the earth, with the hundreds and sometimes thousands of people flocking to the site. These apparitions are to the occult and cult world, the manifestation of the Earth mother/goddess Mary, in her human form. It is not just Catholics that go rushing to them.

     Satan has much more power allowed to him by God, than most all Christians can fathom or will allow themselves to consider!

     A verse in 2nd Corinthians I feel is appropriate at this point, in preparation for the information that is coming ahead: “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices – chapter 2 verse 11.

     The 2nd Intelligent Design Model we will look at are - the various Alien theories.

     This model we will only briefly mention, since there are a smorgasbord of varieties and most people already have at least a vague understanding of this concept. Some of the names or terms used are: Ancient Astronauts, E.T.'s, Intelligent Panspermia, Ancient Aliens, etc.

     Let's take a quick look at this individual - Dr. Francis Crick. This man was a co-winner of a Nobel Prize for the discovery of DNA’s structure. Dr. Crick has proposed what he calls Directed Panspermia – which asserts that life did not evolve on Earth. He proposes that life came to this Earth in a spaceship, which was launched by intelligent life from a remote planet somewhere in the galaxy.

     It can be argued that Francis Cricks proposal of these ‘pods’ of life-forming seeds, is an extension of the GAIA model. He imagines that intelligent life must have developed ages before 'Earthlings' and then, shot their rocket to this Earth.

     But at any rate, most of the Ancient Alien theory proponents claim that the Aliens come back from time to time to make adjustments, give us technology, etc. This is their explanation for the UFO sightings (We discuss more about UFO’s in our World War - 3 series).

     They will proceed to bring out the gamut of ancient astronaut theories, as articulated by such pseudo-intellectual hucksters as Eric Von Daniken, Stanton Friedman, Zecharia Sitchin, etc. [- They even have Ancient Alien documentaries and series running now, with many more names involved. Such as: Giorgio Tsoukalos and David Childress.-]

     [- IF you are interested at all in the Ancient Alien theories, a great website to go to would be: , it does an exceptionally thorough exploration of the specious claims made on the History/H2 series Ancient Aliens in light of the actual facts. It dismantles each claim with surgical precision.-]

     The 3rd Intelligent Design Model we will look at is - the Reptilian theory.

     I want to state upfront that Lucifer and Satan are one in the same, though most occult 'denominations' only recognize one name, many times to the exclusion of the other.

     In fact, in Luciferian doctrine they maintain that Lucifer led a revolt in Heaven. They also assert that Lucifer is the oldest son of Adonai (God) and that he has a brother Michael, which is an Archangel. Then they hold that it was Michael, who was the one responsible for defeating the Luciferian conspiracy in Heaven. After this, they claim that Michael came to this Earth as the person of Jesus Christ; to vanquish Lucifer, his followers, and his teachings but failed.

     Therefore, those of the Luciferian religion do not recognize any entity by the name of Satan. But when pressed, they will insist that if there is a devil or Satan, that it would be Adonai. Their Adonai, is who we Bible believers know as: God the Father.

     Luciferians also have the view that whoever has the most powerful armies at the Battle of Armageddon (Adonai or Lucifer), will win; whom they are convinced will be them.

     So from here to the end of this article, I will use which ever name, as from their perspective.

     The Reptilian theories are basically similar to the Alien theories, but it has some specific points which make it unique. Actually the Reptilian theories are a step ‘up’, but they find that it is easier get people to ‘buy’ the Alien theories first, then steer them towards the Reptilian. We will be brief as possible and stick to the foundational Reptilian theory. But to lift the curtain alittle here, both Reptilian and Alien theories have something to do with what we as Christians call, fallen angels. Also, Luciferianism is the last step up from Reptilianism.

     To make a linear equation for simplification: all simpler theories such as, Evolution, Gaia, Alien, pre-Adamic men and Atlantis, are just stepping stones to Reptilianism and the Occult; then once they have you there, the worship of Lucifer is the final phase.

     First of all there is this fixation about Sirius – the Dog Star, in the constellation of Canis Major. They teach that Lucifer and these reptilians live there. This goes back to the Ancient Mystery Religions of Sumer or Sumeria (Tower of Babel), later Babylon and then Egypt after that. More recently, the highest levels of Freemasonry involve themselves in this same conviction about Sirius and Lucifer.

     Then in a book that Adolf Hitler kept by his bed-side, written by Helena ‘Madame’ Blavatsky, called, ‘The Secret Doctrine we find something interesting. Blavatsky was also a close friend of the leader of all the jurisdictions of Freemasonry in his day: Albert Pike. In her book she combines a form of the ‘Gap Theory’ with GAIA. She writes that the Earth mother/goddess brought forth Adam and his first wife Lilith (Eve was Adam’s 2nd or other wife).

     At any rate, Lucifer came into the Garden of Eden in the “Shining Man” form, as also described by Christian masquerader - Rev. Dr. Peter S. Ruckman and others of his pagan teachings.

     Lucifer’s purpose was to enlighten and to open Adam’s mind to wisdom, by getting Adam to choose to reject Adonai and his commandment, "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it”.

     Having accomplished his goal as found in Genesis chapter 3, Lucifer went back to his home on or around Sirius to then orchestrate the course of mankind from there; with occasional visits to this Earth.

     Then these Reptilians from Sirius began to come to this Earth, sent by Lucifer to perform certain tasks as he directs.

     These Reptilians are shape-shifters that can morph forms, from reptilian looking beings into Earth-type looking humans, as they believe. Dependent upon how powerful they are, they can morph into any form they choose – as well as out of body travel and remote viewing.

     If this brings to mind the ‘Animorphs’ or ‘Transformers’ or really any other cartoons or movies where things morph and/or transform, this is the origin of the idea. This is part of the conditioning process to get these occult teachings into the minds of mankind, so that they will accept them in the future, when they are introduced - directly.

     Unfortunately, many supposed Bible-believing Christians are getting caught up into this pagan Nephilim and/or the mythological ancient Greek and Roman gods craze. Confidently stating that they are coming back to this Earth, to rule the World with the Antichrist.

     The Christian masquerader, Rev. Dr. Peter S. Ruckman claims that these ancient gods will return to be the 10 - Kings of the World as found in Daniel chapter 2, etc. He also claims them to be living on Jupiter (rather than Sirius). Today there are several authors of books promoting pagan/occult teachings as Christian teachings; masqueraders such as: Thomas Horn, Stephen Quayle, Gary Stearman, LA Marzulli and others. A hundred years ago it was known as Esoteric Christianity and nobody but them really knew about it.

     Sorry to say, Christians do not understand the actual truth of the matter. What has happened is pagan teachings have so thoroughly infiltrated Christianity (the tares mixing their doctrines in with the wheat) that you can’t but hardly tell one from the other anymore. This is known in the Bible as: The Apostasy in the End-times.


"(3) Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (4) Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God"

  -- II Thessalonians 2:3-4  

     For the record, anyone who believes that any kind of angels ever impregnated human women – did not get it from the Bible nor the Holy Spirit. Read our article, ‘Just WHO are These Giants in Genesis 6:4? ’.

     Moving on And now we are going to get close to the bottom of the abyss of the matter.

     As previously indicated, these Reptilians - (fallen angels) and Lucifer the Great Architect of the Universe - (GAOTU) originated the Ancient Mystery Religions in Sumer, then Babylon and Egypt. This also accords with the highest levels of modern-day Black Magick Witchcraft.

     Today Black Magick Witchcraft is headed at the very top by a trinity of the Rothschild family. This corresponds to the false trinity of: Lucifer/Satan, Antichrist and the False Prophet. Which of course these are the counterfeits of the True Trinity: God - The Father, God - The Son (Lord Jesus Christ), and God - The Holy Spirit.

     For the last several decades the Rothschilds in Europe, have been grooming the invisibility and inaudibility of their presence. This achieved the result that generally people have either: never heard of them or believe that little is left of them, apart from a great legend.

     This trinity of Rothschilds, rule over a group of 9 - men, the name of the group is Moriah – the conquering wind. Who they are, so very few know. Then this steering committee if you will, rules over a world-wide network known as: The Illuminati. These are the movers and shakers of the world. The Illuminati has branches with names like United Nations, Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations (USA), Royal Institute of International Affairs (Europe), Bohemian Grove, World Council of Churches, Club of Rome, Rhode’s Scholars, etc.

     Many are they, who are members of more than one group. All of them are as sections of an orchestra being conducted by none other than, Satan himself!

     The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the Illuminati have control over all large and most all medium sized Bible colleges of every denomination, that are not controlled by the Vatican, as well as many of the small ones. By exerting this top-down control they have effected the transfer of Christianity over into something that is better called Churchianity.

     Churchianity is the subplanting of the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the worship of Theological Doctors. Then there is infighting over Doctrines and Standards or lack thereof, fighting over Bible versions and translations of verses, as the World marches on into Hell. This worship of PhD’s long ago permeated Baptist, Nazarene and Pentacostal groups, all of the other denominations and christian cults along with Charismatics have looong agooo been dead; or were started by them and therefore dead from their inception.

     The Apostasy is here folks! The entire 20th Century to them was about bringing in the tidal wave of apostasy and Global Governance, aka the New World Order, by purging the Old Order (Biblical morals and ethics). The system – The Machine – is nearly ready for the Antichrist to be plugged into it!

     The Rothschilds and their Illuminati were the builders of the New Age Movement. The Great White Brotherhood, which heads up White Magick Witchcraft is also Moriah; they are also the head of Black Magick Witchcraft, which is over The Illuminati.

     So why are there two separate camps? The main reason is: to gain control you have to have two sides struggling or fighting against each other, and then, with you controlling both sides you can determine which way it all goes.

     Almost all major events in the last century employ the Hegelian Dialectic of:

     Problem – manufacture a crisis or take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired Reaction of public outcry whereby the public demands a Solution which has been predetermined from the beginning. Utilizing the corporate media (msm) at every step.

     This is how they move society and religion in the direction that they want it to go, and this includes Christianity.

     The second reason is: because Black Magick uses power or the Force, for evil. White Magick is to use power, or the Force, only for 'good'.

     [- When you see on the News, protesters at these international Financial Summits, like G-8 or G-20 or a similar type ordeal, the protesters outside are of right-hand path White Magick persuasions, and the ones that are making the decisions on the inside are of the left-hand path Black Magick persuasions. Why, is a question to be answered another day, in a whole article itself-]

     Then Wicca, which is a primitive form of White Magick, was put together in the early 20th Century, with the goal of supplanting Christianity among those in their teens and twenties. Therewith, putting them on the path to the darker forms. Down the road, it was to assist in the doing away with Christianity entirely. Wiccan and Freemasonic initiation ceremonies are nearly word for word, action for action the same. Mormonism also has a similar ceremony involving their Temple access.

     The occcult god Lucifer, also goes by another name The Force.

     Ever notice that in the movie: ‘Star Wars’, that Black Magick practitioner Darth Vader and White Magick practitioner Luke Skywalker both call on and utilize – The Force – for their power?!

     Or, as in the book and movie: ‘Lord of the Rings’, notice that when Gandalf the Grey went to the head-leader of the White wizards, Saruman, that Gandalf found that Saruman was in league with and subordinate to Sauron, the head-leader of the Black wizards.

     Then notice how many supposed Christian 'leaders' promote the above movies as Christian (Jesus verses Satan), while most of the rest of the Christian 'leaders' remain silent about these things?!

     In the Book of Daniel, it is speaking of the Anti-christ at 11:38 when it states - "But in his estate shall he honor the god of forces". The god of forces is known all throughout the occult, as the source of their power;but at the high levels the 'Force' is identified as Lucifer.

     Let us pull over and put it in Park for a moment.

     Most all ministers/pastors will strongly maintain that you should never talk about Satan, his deeds or occult teachings. They claim that this only glorifies Satan. Understand that this was pummeled into their heads at Bible college, because they do not want students to do any research in this arena; this would then generate questions that they dread coming to light. But this is how occult teachings (if you do not know what they are) keep getting mixed in and taught with or as Bible teachings (syncretism).

     Why is the mention of Satan so prohibited in most all Bible institutions? Because the Board of Directors are not truly Born-Again (Biblically), but instead are in league with Lucifer/Satan. Their desire is to incorporate un-Biblical teachings into the mix, this is called: Syncretism. When they are not doing this, they are just plain watering things down. This is all done intentionally. If you hate God and his Bible, then get a Theological Doctorate and destroy a piece of the pie! They go by the motto: If you can't beat 'em, then join 'em.

  “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. (14)And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. (15)Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works”  
  -- 2 Corinthians 11:13-15  

      At any rate, occultists and their followers in the higher degrees claim that many high-level government, religious, and world leaders are actually Reptilians.

     Now, if we were to unmasked these 'Reptilian leaders', just what would we actually find? We would find a human (just like you and me) but it would be a human whose family through decades or centuries of generational witchcraft, has so thoroughly allowed themselves to be possessed of demonic spirits (fallen angels) that the demonic entity has virtually complete control of the individual (body and mind).

     The tremendous power that God has allowed Satan to wield, is mostly hidden from public view. But from here forth, through the coming Tribulation period, it will gradually be more and more revealed publicly.

     THE STEALING – of the Intelligent Design movement

     In a few short years, I believe the following will conspire (oops) transpire:

     The major media will be used by official channels, namely NASA, to convince us that life exists on Mars; and that intelligent life at some time in the past, actually did exist on Mars.

     In their attempts at proving this, they will treat us to anomalous photos, reports and even artifactual evidence, possibly even brought back from one of the Mars space probes. They will even release images to show the existence of artificial structures on Mars.

     Following this, the Panspermia models will be much more visibly pressed onto TV and magazines. The attempt will be to force the sheeple, or I mean public, to buy into the idea that life was actually seeded from space.

     Then, when 'Directed Panspermia' is treated as a probable fact in the news media, most people will come to the conclusion that the things we thought we knew about our creation, our history and our belief in God – was fundamentally flawed. The public will form 'their' conclusion (as they usually do) by way of the pressure brought to bear by media celebrities, local and national news-anchors, aka corporate media.

     Therefore, most all people will give up their theistic worldview. Why? Because the authorities will be linking intelligent ET life, with Directed Panspermia. This linkage of ET’s and our creation, will then bring ecumenical ministers and false prophets out of the woodwork. There will be distortions of Biblical texts, to prove that ET’s have been here all along!

     Their argument will not be to give up faith in the Bible – but to look at it through a different lens. There will be arguments over the Hebrew word for God, as found in the very 1st verse of Genesis. This is the Hebrew word Elohim, which is plural – not singular. We know that this speaks of the Trinity, but they will claim it to mean multiple gods.

     Then as for the 3 - visitors who came to Abraham, and then 2 of them went on to Sodom and Gomorrah: they will claim them to have been ET's. Also, the fiery chariot that whisked away Elijah, they will claim it to have been a UFO. The visions of Ezekiel will be explained as UFO's and ET's. Then Paul’s visions of what he called a 3rd heaven, will be explained as an alien abduction. And such the like, for many other parts of the Bible.

     Their point will not be, the eradication of the Bible. Their point will be to re-invent the interpretations of scripture, which has already begun. Part of the reason for the proliferation of various versions of the Bible, is to condition the populace to the re-interpretation of scripture. Because the impression implied by having various Bible versions, is that the current interpretations are un-stable. Then they will spin the text, so as to add Biblical authority to the idea that ET’s are our gods of antiquity. They will claim that Yahweh and Jesus were among them.

     If you are familiar with the books Esoteric Christianity and the Lesser Mysteries by Annie Besant, or The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky, then you are aware of how the Bible can be re-interpreted to give off the distinct flavor of Theosophical – New Age philosophy.

     Also, if you do understand this, then you can see very clearly these New Age teachings as a reason for the newer versions of the Biblical text – or should I say per-versions. Especially when it is realized that what they are doing is moving their versions toward acceptability with New Age philosophies and cult religions. An example would be their increasing use of the phrase, "the One". The goal is to pit the Bible against Bible-believers and to prove Bible-believing Christianity and its previous interpretations to have been a fraud all along!

     Therefore, Intelligent Design: a movement initially propelled by Christian Scholars, will be stolen away and linked to extra- terrestrial creators.

     Note: for decades the literal Biblical theory of origins was called, in the public arena – Special Creation. Only recently has this name been dropped and changed over to: Intelligent Design. This was done to accommodate the coming age of the Antichrist. The first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation, the world-wide religion will be right-hand path White Magick Witchcraft. The last 3 1/2 years will be left-hand path Black Magick Witchcraft.

     Here are a couple verses from the Book of Daniel to contemplate...

  “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. (24)And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people  
  -- Daniel 8:23-24  

         The issue isn’t whether the Intelligent Panspermia paradigm or another such type paradigm is real, or even whether it is scientifically provable. Only that this charade will be believed.

     Remember, the Evolutionary paradigm is not real, nor is it scientifically provable. Yet... that charade is believed as dogma by multi-millions around the world! This is just a next level up addition or new-school explanation to the old-school evolutionary paradigm.

-- by Ed Elkins